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Dogs and Cats

Pet owners please be respectful of your neighbors and follow the City Pet Ordinance:

-  Keep your dog or cat on a leash or under your
control at all times;
-  Don't allow your dog to habitually bark or howl;
-  Don't allow your pet to do his "duty" on neighboring property;
-  When walking you dog "pick up" after him; and
-  Obtain pet license at City Hall.

Call the City Clerk to make a dog or cat complaint or to report a violation to the pet ordinance. 
Call 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY to report a dog bite or any potentially dangerous dog situation (aggressive behavior ... nipping, snapping, biting, growling, chasing, etc.).

City of St. Clair ~ Phone: 507-245-3494 ~ Fax: 507-245-3504 ~ E-mail: