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Do NOT Use Your TOILET as a Trash Can!


  • disposable diapers
  • baby wipes
  • cleaning wipes
  • face/make-up wipes
  • feminine products
  • mop heads
  • rags
  • cloth items
  • facial tissue
  • paper towels
  • plastics bags
  • dryer sheets
  • bandages
  • dental floss
  • cotton balls
  • Q-tips
  • cat litter
  • OR any items other than toilet tissue!!

City sewer systems are not designed to handle items such as those listed above.  Flushing such items can not only cause damage to pumps and equipment at the sewer plant, but can also clog and plug sewer mains and individual sewer lines resulting in back-ups into homes.  

Even wipes that are labeled ‘flushable’ SHOULD NOT BE FLUSHED … please dispose of them in your waste basket or garbage can

Wipes do not degrade immediately after flushing they remain intact long enough to pass through the individual sewer lines, City sewer mains and into the City Wastewater Treatment Plant where they clog and plug pumps and equipment. 


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