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B.E.Co. Small Cities Loan Program

The Blue Earth County Small Cities Revolving Loan Program is intended to serve as matching funds to leverage project financing from public or private sources, to expand or improve existing businesses, or to assist in the development of new businesses. 

To qualify for the Blue Earth County Small Cities Revolving Loan Program, the project must be located within the City limits of Amboy, Eagle Lake, Good Thunder, Lake Crystal, Madison Lake, Mapleton, Pemberton, St. Clair, or Vernon Center. 

Click on the B.E.Co. Small Cities Revolving Loan Program Fact Sheet below for more information, including a list of eligible projects, loan parameters, application timeline, and the approval process.

For more information or to set up a meeting to discuss your project idea, please contact the City Clerk at 507-245-3494 or by e-mail at
City of St. Clair ~ Phone: 507-245-3494 ~ Fax: 507-245-3504 ~ E-mail: