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Higher than Usual Water Bill?

The water and sewer portion of your City Utility bill is based on your water consumption ... so, if your water bill is higher than usual, you're using more water than usual.  

A number of things can contribute to an increase in water usage ... 

  • Do you have a toilet that won't shut-off after flushing?  A toilet that keeps 'running' or 'sticks' after you flush, can account for hundreds of gallons of water in just 1 day.
  • Do you have a dripping or leaky faucet?  Even a slow drip or a small (seemingly insignificant) leak can add up quickly. 
  • Is your water softener functioning properly?  Make sure your softener (especially if it's an older model) isn't cycling more frequently than necessary.   
  • Have you had additional people staying with you? More people in the household means more showers, more laundry and more water use in general.  

  • Have you been doing extra outdoor watering or sprinkling? Watering your lawn or garden can increase your water consumption substantially. 
  • Have you filled your pool or washed your vehicle?  
  • Was an outside faucet left on accidentally?

Any of these factors can drastically increase water consumption. 

Still not sure what the problem is or if you have a leak or not ...

When no one in your household is using any water (make sure the dishwasher and the washing machine aren't running), look at your water meter ... if the dial is moving, you have a leak somewhere!!

Contact the City Clerk at 245-3494 if you have questions about your water bill or your water consumption.

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